Sunday, November 7, 2010

The First of the Firsts.

Alexander has hit the 8 week mark. I know it's still not *quite* 2 months, but I don't care. Everyday I am amazed at how much I love this little being, how I see more and more of myself in him, and more and more of who I think he might become. I have so many hopes and dreams for him, but really all I care about is that he is happy and healthy and does what he loves. I think he's going to love animals though, because I am going to force it on him nurture it in him.

Plus this morning i woke up to the sounds of him "laughing and talking" to the owls on his mobile. Not only was it wonderful to wake up to that noise rather than him screaming because he was hungry, it solidified it in me that this kid is going to be an animal lover. Maybe all that work I did with the raptors and at the zoo while I was pregnant with him really did pay off.

Speaking of the zoo, we took our little owlet to Boo at the Zoo on Halloween weekend. I cannot believe how crowded it was, or how cute Alex was in his zebra costume! He got lots and lots of compliments.
I mean come on, how can you not love this little guy? Someone asked me if I thought he would remember this Halloween, and I said no, but that I would. I mean seriously. He was 7 weeks old. Do they really expect him to remember it? He also couldn't eat the candy, but that didn't stop me from trick-or-treating with him in the Bjorn.

So many "firsts" for Alex and our little family this year: first Halloween, first Thanksgiving and Christmas. While he will still be way too young to remember any of it, the memory of all these wonderful firsts will be burned into my memory forever.

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