Monday, November 15, 2010

visiting friends and family

We've had a busy week last week! Alexander had a visit from his Grandparents from NH (the other set). It was so great to see him interact with my dad, the look on his face the first time they saw each other was priceless!

I like watching Alex interact with other people, he loves studying faces right now and he almost always smiles at other people. It's also kind of neat to see my little guy being held by someone else, it's like it gives me a different perspective on him, since I'm so used to holding him close or having him right next to me.

Alex also attended his first wedding this weekend, and he had a grand time. Mommy, on the other hand was a little worried that he would cry during the ceremony (he didn't) and that all these people would try touching him (they did.) But it was great to get out with friends, they love Alex almost as much as we do, and they've just met him. This is probably a good thing, since they've agreed to be his Godparents.
While it was great to be out and visiting with friends and family, it wreaked havoc on our sleep schedule. Poor Alex was very fussy for the past couple nights, and I feel like it's taking a while to get us back in the swing of things. I'm worried now about how we're going to deal with the holidays, how to get a consistent bed time, how I'm going to manage going back to work in 3 days. Ok, so that has nothing to do with sleeping, but since I worry about it all the time, there you go.

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