Tuesday, February 8, 2011

productivity drainers

I love mom blogs. I love knowing that there's other mammas out there who are as wacky, crazy, frazzled, fried and just doing the best damn job that they can as I am. I also love that they are incredibly talented writers who make me laugh and occasionally make coffee come dangerously close to coming out of my nose. (For reals.)

While I've listed a bunch of blogs that I stalk over on the side there, these are the new ones I'm loving right now:

Smacksy I love this blog so much I actually went all the way back to the beginning of the blog and started reading from there. That's rare for me. It's also an amazing time suck. But this mom and her son Bob are just too cute and funny for words. I hope that my owlet is half as cute and insightful as Bob is. And I hope he loves Harry Potter as much as Bob loves Star Wars.

Mommy's Pen I just found this site the other day. Actually, I think this site led me to Smacksy's site, but maybe not. Do you ever just start clicking on the little links on people's pages and then wonder how you got where you were? Anyway, this site is great. Another incredibly well written blog about the joys of motherhood.

Look Mama Graphic Designer and mom. Awesome posts, great art. You'll be in stitches. Plus she's from Australia. She makes me want to talk with an Australian accent, but every time I try it comes out Bostonian. Ever notice how Australian accents and Bostonian accents are similar? You haven't? Ask someone who's not from New England to talk in a Boston accent and just watch in amazement as it comes out sounding like an Aussie.

So there you go. Three awesome blogs I'm loving right now. And for fun, this little gem.

Corgis Playing Tetherball

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