Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mommy Meltdown

"No one could feel all that at one time. They'd go insane." Ahh, Ron Weasley. He speaks the truth there.

I had a bit of a meltdown earlier today. I've been feeling a touch under the weather and a touch more frustrated at the owlet's temper tantrums and increasing realization that throwing said tantrum will eventually get him what he wants. Or, not what we wants really, but will get him attention.

But how am I supposed to ignore this screaming, writhing, almost toddler on the floor/pulling on my leg/screaming in my ear?

Anyway. I was feeling tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and under the weather and then suddenly:

WHAM-O. Full. On. Mommy, Meltdown.

After telling the hubs that I was feeling frustrated at some silly little thing he did (sighing when I asked him to do something), I lost it. I told him that I was mad at myself for feeling ungrateful for how much he actually does do (like working the overnight shift to actually bring some money into our house) and a host of other things such as feeling like the worst mom in the world, and feeling upset at myself for feeling mad at the owlet's temper tantrums when there are hundreds, thousands even, of women who desperately want a baby, and why can't I just enjoy every single moment of life with him, because these little moments are going to go by so fast, and...

what was I talking about?


I do not do well with little sleep (although the owlet IS sleeping better-hurrah!) or with feeling unappreciated.

Because that's what it is. I'd love to hear some "thank you's" now and then.

Thank goodness for Gilmore Girls and a brand new bottle of wine. They can always make me feel loads better.

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