Friday, May 7, 2010

Tossing and turning...

...and kicking and punching and elbowing! Baby boy Armstrong is one active little fellow. I can't say that I mind it much (yet.) Often times I find it quite comforting to know that the little one is active and moving around in there. He seems to enjoy my cravings as much as I do too, which is fun. He loves Froot Loops, my newest craving, and literally gets a kick out of my morning pop-tarts. (I promise, parents, that I am eating healthy things too, but he likes the sweet stuff!) Even as I type this, he's kicking away, high on my right side.

While his little kicks and punches are soothing now, I know that in the very near future they will probably become less soothing and more painful, but I also know that it's all a part of the joys of motherhood. They're also not quite so fun when I am tossing and turing in the middle of the night trying desperately to get some much needed rest, but luckily that also doesn't happen too much. (Yet.)

Funny little story, I was in a session with a rather tough kiddo last week and the kid began yelling quite intensely at me. Of course, my heart rate instantly went up (as did my stress level) and little baby boy started moving all over the place, kicking me! It was hard not to smile feeling the little being in my belly moving around and it really brought me back to the moment, remembering to take deep breaths and take a step back for a moment. I was able to deal with the kiddo who was yelling at me (somewhat) calmly all thanks to this little being in my belly.

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