Friday, June 18, 2010

The excitment (and the belly!) keeps growing

I have officially entered my third trimester. Well, I officially entered it a few weeks ago, but who's counting? We have finished our first of many classes on what to do with this little bundle of joy, this more recent class was on how to get the little being inside me OUT into this world, the next several will be on what to do with him once we get him home.
During several of our classes, as our teacher explained the wonders of the labor process (I'll spare you the details), she always ended saying "and then you will no longer be pregnant." I can't quite explain why, but that sentence always made me feel a little bit sad. I know, since it's been told to me many, many times, that soon I'll just want this kid OUT OF ME ALREADY, but right now, I truly enjoy being pregnant. Ok, I don't enjoy the sleepless nights or the aches and pains in my hips or the fact that it's getting harder and harder to see my feet or bend over, but really, I do enjoy being pregnant! I have wanted this for so long, and to think that in just a few short months it will all be over, makes me a little bit sad. Of course, what will come out of this pregnancy will make me incredibly happy, but still. There's a feeling of sadness there nonetheless. So, other than the things listed above, here is what I am looking forward to about no longer being pregnant (not including the bundle of joy that is soon to arrive.)

1. complete strangers no longer commenting on my pregnancy, and whether I am too small or too big, or that I have to suffer through the heat of the summer, or that I'm not carrying right to be having a boy, etc., etc. I know this will be replaced instead with them commenting on my parenting, or on how my son looks like a girl, or whatever idiotic thing strangers feel like they can say to new mothers. ***
2. MARGARITAS. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to the salted rim of a nice tall margarita.
3. Coffee, assuming the smell no longer makes me feel incredibly nauseous. I truly hope that goes away.
4. Being able to see my feet again, although I am planning on using this as the perfect excuse to get myself a nice mani/pedi for my birthday this year.
5. Not having to pee every ten seconds.
6. Being able to eat what I want again, assuming that he's not allergic to whatever it is I feel like eating. Although knowing my eating habits, it will be largely the same that I eat now, just not as large of portions.

***seriously, what is WITH that? Why do complete strangers feel that they can say anything they want to a pregnant woman? It's like suddenly when a woman gets pregnant, all bets are off, we can comment on the way she looks with not a second thought? Really? I mean, I know that I look like I'm ready to burst any minute (or that I'm too small to be 7 months) but seriously. Did you know that pregnancy is technically a disability? It is. Would you walk up to a complete stranger with a disability and start commenting on it? "Wow dude, you're in a wheelchair. In the summer. That must stink."

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, I am growing more and more excited everyday to welcome this little being into the world. We're slowly getting the nursery together, and it's making it feel real in a different way than all those kicks and wiggles from inside my belly have. Sometimes I just walk into the nursery and look around, imagining all the joy and love that will soon be filling the room, and the house, and our lives.

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