Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday Alex!

My little man is one month old today. It is amazing how fast time goes once these little beings are finally out of your belly. 9 months seems like a decade, and then once they're finally here, time can't be slowed down enough. At one month, Alexander can: smile (although not really socially, but he smiles at me all the time, whether its gas or he's just happy to see me, I'll take it); sleeps about 5 hours at night in between feedings and makes "non-cry" sounds, his favorite is a contended "ahhhhh" as he's nursing.

Because of Alex, I have learned how do numerous things one handed. I can function on almost no sleep. As much as we struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning, we've fallen into quite a little groove with the whole nursing thing. Philip and I are that much closer, and I have seen his life changed too, the smile that I see on his face when he sees his son melts my heart. This little man has changed my life in countless ways, and I know that he will continue to do so as he grows up. Even though sometimes he cries for what feels like hours and I don't know why, and even though he pees on me, spits up on me and has some of the poopiest diapers in the world (and feels the need to start pooping as I'm changing his diaper....why does he do this??), I would not trade any of this for the world.

I just wish I could slow down time a little bit.

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