Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cherish is the word I use to describe...

My little man is growing up so fast, and soon he won't be so little anymore. He'll be 3 whole months in just a few short days! He's already holding his head up like a real person now, and while it still has some of that bobble head effect, it's amazing to see how long he can hold it up and look all around.

He's totally noticing more things now too. He's still fascinated by his best friend the ceiling light though, and his next best friend appears to be the ceiling fan at his Grandma's house, but he's totally checking out his world more and more. Oh and his hands! Man, he sits and talks to his hands all morning. It is seriously the cutest thing ever, him just cooing away at his hands with drool pouring out of his mouth.

I am trying desperately to burn all of these tiny little moments into my memory. To cherish each little thing, like the way his head rests on my shoulder, and his tiny little contented sighs right before he falls asleep. Or his little legs kicking like crazy when we put him down on the changing table. And his baby smell. The way he sleeps on my shoulder with his mouth hanging open. Because I am coming to realize, that all too soon he will be crashing through our house, crawling onto and falling off of things and I will want to pull out my hair, while also trying desperately to remember all of those moments before he's off accomplishing some other amazing thing.

So tonight, as I rocked him and read him his bedtime story, I lingered just a little bit longer with him, studied his tiny little peach fuzz covered head, and burned another Baby Alex memory into my brain.

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