Friday, January 7, 2011

a day in the life

between 2:00-3:30am-Feed the owlet. Hope that he falls back asleep easily, but when he doesn't, decide to hold him in bed until the next feeding.

between 6:15-6:45-wake up, again, by the crying owlet, who is also kicking me in the stomach because, yup, he fell asleep in bed with me.

7:00-8:00-frantically run around the house changing the owlet, get his diaper bag ready, curse myself for not getting these things done the night before, shower (if lucky) get myself ready, trip over the dog who is under foot and desperate to go outside, curse at him several times, make breakfast, lug the owlet from room to room in his carseat while attempting to do all of the above.

8:05-praise the lord that the hubs has arrived home, who walks the dog. put coat on owlet, and owlet back in car seat. Squeeze Sophie 800 times so the owlet stops crying.

8:15-several kisses and "I love you's" to the owlet and to the hubs, hold back tears as they both leave for the Mother-in-Law's. Give the dog several cookies to keep him from leaving when they leave.

8:16-dash out the door, give the dog more cookies.

8:25- running absurdly late, wait in line at Starbucks for far too long for the coffee I need far too much.

8:40-arrive to work, late, again.

8:45-3:30- work. pretend to work. blog at work. Pump at work, being totally paranoid that someone is going to walk in. Miss the owlet. Hold back tears about missing the owlet. Walk around feeling like I've forgotten something, misplaced something, need to do something. Work and pretend to work some more.

3:30-the kids are leaving school, so, so am I. Pretend not to feel guilty that I'm leaving work at this time. Add all the things that didn't get done today to the to-do list for tomorrow. Keep fingers crossed that the owlet needs to eat when I get home.

3:50-arrive home. the owlet has already eaten/is asleep. Cry. Pump. Hold the owlet so that the hubs can walk the dog.

4:00-soothe the crying owlet. Hand him back to the hubs so that I can store my milk/finish pumping.

4:30-zone out in front of the tv. Play with the owlet. Bitch to the hubs about my day.

5:00-dinner. eat with one hand while trying to soothe/keep the owlet entertained with the other.

5:30-feed the owlet

6:00-owlet's bath time, story time, swaddle time.

6:30-give the owlet back to the hubs so that I can wash the bottles/pump parts. Curse myself for not doing this earlier. Get frustrated at the little amount of time I get to spend with the owlet while he's awake, and that I spend so much of it not actually with him. Do the dishes/start the laundry. (maybe.)

7:00-take the owlet back from the hubs so he can fall asleep. Hold the owlet and hope he falls asleep soon too.

7:30-feed the owlet again, because he's still not asleep. hold him longer.

8:00-finally put the sleeping owlet down. Play DS game/read until eyes no longer stay open. Keep fingers crossed that the owlet stays asleep for longer than an hour

8:30-attempt to get sleep

9:45-hubs up to walk the dog, go to work. Fingers still crossed.

midnight: wake up to screaming owlet. Feed owlet. Stare at owlet as he falls back to sleep and marvel at the fact that I made this little being. Feel immense amount of love. Keep fingers crossed that he stays asleep for longer than an hour.

between 2:00 and 3:30-start all over again.

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