Monday, February 14, 2011

what I like about you

I had a really tough session with a parent today. It took her a really long time to come up with things that she enjoyed and loved about her child. It was a little bit heartbreaking, really, to sit there with her as she struggled to name things that she loved. I know our kids do things sometimes that just make us want to pull our hair out (and mine's only 5 months old!) but I also know that as parents we love our little ones unconditionally.

So, partly in honor of Valentine's Day, partly in honor of the fact that the Owlet turned 5 months old on Friday, and partly saddned (and then inspired) by that mom today, here are things I love about the owlet, in no particular order.

I love his smile.
I love that he smiles when he sees me walk in the door.
I love that he babbles.
I love that he tries to grab the spoon as I'm feeding him.
I love that he splashes in the tub duirng bath time.
I love that he's learning to roll over.
I love that he loves to cuddle.
I love that he never takes his eyes off me when I'm changing his diaper.
I love that he's learning to explore his world more.
I love the way he laughs at the dog.
I love his laugh.
I love his sighs as he falls asleep at night.
I love that he sleeps with a little winnie-the-pooh.
I love when he blows raspberries.
I love when he plays with his dad.
I love that he loves story time, usually.
I love that he constantly kicks his legs when I put him on the changing table.
I love how happy and wiggly he is.

And, as much as I want him to stay little forever, I love that he's constantly growing, changing and discovering new things.

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