Monday, May 9, 2011

A(nother) Letter to my Owlet.

Dearest owlet,
You turn a whopping 8 months old tomorrow. 8 months! I know I say it every month, but seriously, where does the time go? It is amazing how much you have grown and changed over the past 8 months. It's also amazing that you have been alive almost as long as you were in my tummy. Almost. But you were in there a long time, little owlet.

Sometimes I look at you and I am filled with awe that you are mine. That you came from me. That your Daddy and I get to love you and spend every day with you. How did we get so lucky? You are such a wonderful little boy. Today you were so giggly and laughing, it just warmed my heart so very, very much.

I know that sometimes I get a little cranky, like when you won't fall asleep. Or when you won't stop crying. Or when you scream your head off in a restaurant so that ev-er-y-one knows that you're there. But I hope you know that despite those few moments of crankiness, I love you more than I could ever say.

You do some pretty funny things right now, owlet. You don't crawl yet, so instead you log roll everywhere. I don't know how, despite your inability to crawl, you still manage to get into everything. You also do a crazy yoga pose when you're trying to get on your knees. It is adorable.

You're also talking up a storm lately. You've begun working on your "wah" sound, and you've got "mama" down pat, although I don't think you realize that it means me yet. You also love to say "babababababa" and you love to blow raspberries.

You also still don't have any teeth and your only hair forms a faux-hawk on the top of your head. But you love to eat, and you have started eating more and more things. You still don't like carrots though. What's up with that?

And did I mention that you still aren't sleeping through the night?

But no matter. You give me that big gummy smile and you laugh your wonderful laugh, and you melt my heart all over again.

I love you so much, owlet. I can't wait to see what's in store for us next month!

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