Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my eyes are up here

There's a phenomenon going on that needs to be brought to attention.

For some reason, whenever I mention pumping or breastfeeding, who ever I am talking to immediately glances to my chest. And I mean who ever. Men, women, it doesn't matter.

Do they think my boobs are going to start leaking right then and there? Do they think I am going to start PUMPING in front of them? Are they checking to see if the owlet has suddenly latched on, even though he is nowhere in sight? (and usually, not even with me. Hence, the pumping.)
Are they checking to see if my chest size is big enough to feed my child? (trust me, it is.)

So, friends, coworkers, who ever. Hi. You don't need to check out my chest when I tell you that I need to pump, or that I have pumped, or that I am still breastfeeding. I promise you that I am not going to spring a leak (anymore) and that my boobs are producing enough milk to feed my child.

Keep it up, and I just may glance to the pants every time you mention that you have to go to the bathroom.

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