Monday, February 27, 2012

Letter to the Owlet

My Dearest little Owlet,
It is hard to believe that you are almost 18 months. You have grown up so fast! Sometimes, I look at you and wonder, "who is this amazing, adventurous little boy?" You are so fun right now. You're studying everything, and so curious. You take your time when you're in a new situation, books call this "slow to warm" but when you've warmed up, look out!

You know so much right now, even if you don't say much. Your favorite word right now is "No" and you say it to anything and everything, even if you actually want to do it. You're very silly. You also love to say "go" and you say it with the sweetest little Canadian accent. I have no idea where you got that from!

Right now you're fascinated with shapes, and you love your shape sorter. It used to make you really frustrated, but you're becoming quite the pro at it. I love that you keep trying, even when you do get mad, although sometimes you do get too frustrated to keep going, and that's ok. You'll get it soon enough, I know. You've also discovered toilet paper rolls, and an empty egg carton can be the coolest toys ever. You love taking lids off of things, and putting them back on. You are discovering your world right now, and I love watching you discover it.

I hope in the coming months and years that I can help you discover so much more. The smell of pine trees in the sun. The way mud feels between your toes. The feel of the breeze near the ocean on your face.

I love you, my sweet, amazing little boy. Thanks for helping me to see the wonder in the everyday.


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