Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Holidays are HERE!

I love the holiday season. Christmas movies. Christmas music. Christmas trees. All the red and green and silver. And snow. I'm so excited to share the wonder and the warmth of the holidays with my little Owlet! The hubs and I were talking about how great its going to be to see the joys of the holidays through our child's eyes, and I can't wait! Although this year might not be super special for him (as he'll be only 4-ish months old) I know it's going to be spectacular for us.

I especially can't wait to see how he reacts to the Christmas lights, since the ceiling light seems to be his best friend nowadays. He can stare at that thing forever, and he loves it even when it's not on!

Part of the holiday season means sending Christmas cards! I've wanted to send photo cards for years, but never seemed to get around to taking pictures and getting them on a card. This year, however, is going to be different! I am determined to get a great holiday-esque picture of lil man and send his adorable face off to friends and family everywhere. The dilemma, however, comes when trying to choose just which card to go with! Here are some of my fav's, all from

Shutterfly also has really cool gift ideas too like calendars or fun holiday cards!

What card would you like to get? I guess half the battle with choosing is deciding what pictures I currently have of lil man, and taking more pictures, right? It shouldn't be hard, since I feel like I'm constantly photographing lil man anyway. Now all I have to do is find the time to take really good pictures, upload them and order the cards. Hopefully all this can get done before the Holidays are over!

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